What is oneCkey ?

At COINsolidation we create the consolidation of cryptocurrencies, just worry about having a single key (private key) to handle all cryptocurrencies. Using oneCkey (a Coinsolidated private key). A single private key to manage all your addresses of different blockchain technologies (AX secp256k1 series):

AX series:

1.- Bitcoin

2.- OAP (Open Assets Protocol)

3.- Ethereum

4.- COINsolidation

5.- XRP

6.- NEO

7.- EOS

8.- TRON

9.- Dash

10.- Bitcoin Cash

11.- Ethereum Classic










** EXOCRYPTO - Q42021 and B1 series (Ed25519)

Coinsolidation.org is formed by a team of developers from different countries interested in creating extensions to exchage assets for system blockly to democratize the world economy. We create new algorithms to consolidate the world of cryptocurrencies (addresses).

COINsolidation is Estonian non-profit company and foundation, resources used in low-cost quantum computing research.

We create other algorithm with tree types of consolidated addresses to send is called CUA (Consolidated Universal Addresses).

In CUA the combination can be of three types: Cryptocurrency-Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency-Token or Token-Token.

The CUA (Consolidated Universal Address) is used to consolidate and create a new (active) token to be used by the user. CUA is create with (Token-Token).

The DAC (Dual Address Consolidated) is used when we need to consolidate an address (Cryptocurrency-Cryptocurrency) referring to a normal asset transfer address. The DAC (Dual Address Consolidated) is used to manage and consolidate two normal addresses of the same blockchain or of two different technologies.

The HAC (Hibric Address Consolidated) is used to manage and consolidate two addresses (Cryptocurrency-Token).

Let's start with the CUA and review its benefits for the user.

The advantage of CUA addresses is that when generating one automatically a Token is generated that can be used by the user for their own businesses, we use the protocol to create Tokens based on the Bitcoin blockchain called "Open Assest Protocol". Now any user can have his Token in automatic to expand all types of business. We create economic democracy for all people in an easy, simple and simple way.

When we use our Token COINsolidation the address we call it CUAG.

Example of CUAG (Consolited Universal Address Genesis):

We have the respective addresses of two different Blockchain:

Bitcoin- Token Address - (OAP - Open Assests Protocol).

akXma4vqxvmEqnVAKSM953wYsnjNBhN3GM7 - We automatically generate a Token for the user that he can personalize and use as his own crypto-token.

Ethereum address - Token COINsolidation - (ERC20).


Applying algorithm to consolidate the previous addresses we obtain the CUA address. CUAGx30650776e4b41k0Xxm9ad40v8qcx0vamcE0qfn2VfAdKfS0M7985c38w8Y3sdnbj6NfBah6N137G bM175a5730

Example of address DAC (Dual Address Consolidated):

Bitcoin address:


Ethereum address:


Then we consolidate the address:

Consolidated Universal Address (DAC).

DACxa9be0838BFb2bB8xg5YdN2AA9ccd2bG394Xc82H7Z98AQax6WdL1peL9X4Zaa7u7AFx7Fbn1s8Ja bBe91042f1

For the creation of the different types of consolidated addresses we have our application for android (App CUA) or you can also include the algorithm in your systems, as well as being able to use the extension we have to create custom App. In the White Paper we describe the address consolidation algorithm in detail.

In the case of HAC, the same applies as in DAC, only the type of addresses varies.

NOTE: All addresses have the same CUAx prefix in our Android Application since DAC, HAC and CUAG are created with the same algorithm.

In parallel we are creating our Blockchain for mobiles smartphones with technology Quantum Computing with cooperation of www.OpenQbit.com

Economic democracy within everyone's reach, simple and easy as it always should have been.

CEO & Founder OpenQbit.com and COINsolidation.org